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How to Become Better at Selling Clothing
Focus on the benefits of the clothing and how these benefits solve customer problems. For example, wash-and-wear fabric saves people time because it looks good without ironing. Khaki pants are great for casual Friday. Perhaps the shoes you are selling are both stylish and orthopedic.

We, resellers should develop empathy for our customers. Some customers are shy and will be intimidated by an aggressive, extroverted salesman. Other customers may want to talk to us. Adapt to our customer's personality in order to make her comfortable. A customer who feels at ease is more likely to make a purchase. 

Also, ask open-ended questions, such as "How are you?" The customer may give us important information and could warm up to us. Let her talk and she may begin to feel that we are a friend. The more information we can get from a customer, the more likely we will make a sale.

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